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Over the past couple of years, one domainer has provided me with more input and help than any other. We’ve never met, though we have spoken on the telephone a couple of times. That domainer is Owen Frager.

Like myself, his approach to domaining is more geared towards marketing than it is domaining in general, since marketing is his background and passion.

Two years ago, he relaunched along with Jeff Reynolds of, another domainer with whom I’ve had some contact via Rick Schwartz’s board.

If you aren’t familiar with, pop and take a look now before it disappears and you’ll see what it’s all been about. In the two years since it’s launch, a number of successful domainers and marketers have appeared in live interviews. Some of the biggest names have appeared and also some lesser known ones, like me.

At the moment, you can access May’s episode with Howard Neu which, like most of the interviews, makes very interesting and easy listening.

Earlier this week, Owen dropped me a line and told me about the final DomainSuccess show scheduled for this coming Wednesday, 28 July 2010 features Rob Monster of – a domain monetisation program that’s different from most offerings in the market at present, presenting domainers with a low cost development platform without having to know the technical stuff.

Anyway, it’s asad to see DomainSuccess  going, but if you want to listen in to the live webcast on Wednesday, just register here while space is available.

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