Can You Buy Quality For A Fiverr?

In the past, I have tended to do everything to do with development and SEO myself and along the way, have spent tens of thousands of Dollars in software and hardwar, constantly updating things and keeping my skills up to date.

I’ve used freelance services like Elance, ODesk and others and have engaged long term contractors to do things that I might have preferred not to do myself.

Well, that changed forever recently, when I discovered that there are thousands of people able to do the every day stuff I need doing for five Dollars.

Initially sceptical, I tried ordering a few simple gigs and had mixed success. As in any freelance market place, there are good and bad, reliable and unreliable.

Last week, I bought an eBook called Outsourcing Blizkreig 2.0 – a horrible name, but as it transpires, very, very useful.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother with this kind of product, as it’s really just a collection of highly rated freelancers who offer services via Fiverr and a few other sites, so initially, I was a little disappointed with the content.

But, keen to find some people with half-decent skills, I started trawling through the list, which is handily hyperlinked to each provider’s page.

The first gig I ordered was for a web site header. $5 and two days later, I had a lovely new header graphic for a client site.

Then I tried a service that uses SENukeX software (that I’m currently trialing anyway) to create backlinks and social networking bookmarks to hundreds of site – and again, it was delivered quickly, complete with the URL list to all of the sites, RSS feeds and bookmarking sites that my site was to be linked to.

Needless to say, I’ll be using that guy again.

The $7 I paid for the eBook, despite the crappy name repaid itself instantly by pointing me straight to the resource I was after.

In the past week, I’ve ordered more gigs on Fiverr than I had in the previous year.

Here’sa link to one of domain name sales redirection pages – graphic $5 courtesy of Fiverr, freelancer courtesy of Outsourcing Blizkreig 2.0.

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