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The blog has now closed, but you can still find me on LinkedIn.

For those of you who’d like to catch up, or are just curious about what I’m up to these days, these are my main business sites:

The company name is Liquasil Ltd – “Liqua” for liquid products and “sil” for the fact that all of the range is made from silicone.

Liquasil Ltd sells its products via a small nationwide network of approved installers, all trained by us in the application of liquid waterproofing.

The company has come a long way in a very short period of time and is now recognised by many professional specifiers as a best of breed product range.

In the five years since we started, Liquasil is now a brand that is recognised throughout the UK’s roofing industry.

We have attained BBA Accreditation for our Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system – something no other roof coating manufacturer has yet to do and by April 2018, we will also have separate BBA Accreditation for our Metalseal metal roof coating and our Flexlap cut edge corrosion treatment, again, the only such products to have this accreditation.

Liquasil is also the first UK roof coatings manufacturer to be able to offer a Latent Defects, Insurance Guarantee that covers the building owner for materials, workmanship, safe access and design.

No all roof coatings guarantees are the same. Liquasil’s is head and shoulders above anything else offered in the roof coatings industry and is an endorsement of the quality of our products and our installer training.

The actual name of the business is Commercial Property Surveys Ltd., a Chartered Building Surveying practice that operates in the UK offering commercial property landlords and tenants advice on property issues. Surveys include:

We offer these services throughout the UK and have also worked in Malta and Kenya for government agencies.