Real Business, Online

All Change For 2015

It’s out with the old and in with a new fresh and uncluttered site design.

The reason? Well, because my focusĀ has changed and I am now finding less and less to comment about with regard to domain names and more to do with actually developing the business.

Therefore, my posts will be more about what I’ve found to work online (through experience) that I am able to share with you.

It’s not a business “how-to” – there are too many of those and besides, I am no business guru by any means.

What I am though, is way, way ahead of the crowd when it comes to building and marketing a real bricks and mortar business online, from the ground up.

That’s not to sound big headed, it’s just a fact and the more people I speak to, the more obvious it becomes – and I still have an awful lot to learn and share along the way – particularly with regard to social media, which quite honestly, still baffles me as far as business promotion goes, but I’m getting there slowly.

So, if you’re still interested in anything I have to say, please continue to visit. Otherwise, thanks for your visits to date, they are appreciated.

Comments are welcome on this blog and I even tend to publish the ones that are less than positive, but to make sure that you are who you say you are, you will need to register to be able to post. Sorry about that, but comment spam is a real problem with blogs and this one is no exception.

Develop. Why Wouldn’t You?

There are quite a few domain development platforms available for those domainers daft enough to pay somebody to do all of the work and expect a quick result, but today I am going to take you through my own development journey and hopefully you’ll come to realise that everything is doable for yourself, with no…Continue Reading

Transition Complete

It was January 2000 when I registered my own name as a .com and even back then, the non-hyphenated name had already been taken and was in fact being used by a singer/songwriter of the same name, so I had no complaints and didn’t actually have anything online here until a year later. Since then,…Continue Reading

End User Domain Sale

How do you sell a domain name to an end user? It’s a question pondered by many and one that’s often asked on domain forums as well as being one of the most frequently asked questions of myself. It’s also a question that I am probably uniquely qualified to answer, because for some considerable time,…Continue Reading

Product Videos

In keeping with my approach of using videos to promote the products I’m now involved, I’d like to share this latest addition. Video is the most engaging type of content for human visitors and this is borne out by the people who’ve been contacting me since I began putting them on the Asbestoseal web site.…Continue Reading

Real Business

A lot has changed in the past twelve months, with the addition of a new business called Asbestoseal, which produces and sells an asbestos roof coating. What’s that got to do with domains? Well, one of my better performing domains is focused on providing companies with help and advice on asbestos roofing issues. The problem…Continue Reading

One Landing Page For All

Faced with the question of what to do with all of those domain names sat in my portfolio, I’ve now completed my redirection exercise and have pointed every one of them to the same landing page. Some time ago, I built individual landers for certain pages and I parked others at places like SEDO. Nothing…Continue Reading

Google Search Results

Have you noticed the Google search results pages today? They have changed the way they are displaying Adsense advertisements in their organic search results. Instead of blending them into the search results with a barely noticeable different background colour, they are now placing a very prominent “Ad” notice to the left of each paid entry.…Continue Reading

.uk – the good, the bad and the ugly

Well, it’s not really any surprise that Nominet decided to push ahead with the introduction of the .uk extension, but what does this really mean for businesses and domainers. My own concerns as somebody who owns a large number of names was that suddenly, I’d be faced with a whole load of competition from…Continue Reading

Niche Names For Niche Markets

As a long time advocate of using domains to produce mini-sites for the promotion of specialist products or services, today, I have set up a new site specifically to promote a single product for a very niche vertical market. In March this year, along with a couple of partners, I set up a new company…Continue Reading