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Helping Other Businesses

Something I haven’t been able to share until now is that recently, a company approached me about distributing one of our roof coating products.

Already long established, this company has involvement in the roofing industry, with more than 1000 approved installers of its own product, but has never been involved in roof coatings. They wanted to diversify.

Having provided all of the necessary product training, they came on board last month, placing their first stock order with me.

I get on extremely well with their managing director and we’ve become quite good friends in a very short period of time. I can see why the company has built such a large and loyal installer base – they are just such nice people to deal with.

Yesterday, I received a call from them placing quite a large order. They were excited because it was the first five figure order they’d received themselves, having only started to promote the new product to their installers.

It was great to see somebody else getting excited about our products to the same degree that I do myself.

One of the main attributes of any business success, I believe, is absolute faith in your products or services. Without that, I don’t think it’s possible to sell effectively.

Some people suggest that certain products literally sell themselves. Personally, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that, but when enthusiasm can be transferred, as it has in this particular case, I think it can be contagious and this is starting to become apparent in the new business.

For the MD of a quite traditional, long established business to call up with such excitement about a sale is something quite exceptional. The next call I’m looking forward to is when the first six figure order is placed with them.

It is truly wonderful to be working with some very talented people right now. You know who you are. Thanks a lot!

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